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TSS Aquatic is not just about competition. The Club offers a great family environment, teaching our swimmers good values and lessons. We offer numerous pathways from club nights, fitness and leisure through to championship swimming. You can start off slowly with fun club nights and build to a full Meet schedule. . Knowledge is power and we aim to make our swimmers as knowledgeable as possible!

We are grateful for our community and the amazing support we receive from our sponsors, members, volunteers and The Southport School – the home of TSS Aquatics.

Becoming a competitive TSS Aquatic Member

Memberships for the 2019 / 2020 season are ready to access via Swim Central.

Just a reminder for swimmers who are currently registered with TSS Aquatic in this 2018 / 2019 season, there is a grace period to complete your renewal – current financial swimmers have until 30 September 2019 to complete their renewal and pay their fee.

From this season going forward all memberships will be completed via Swim Central. For those who have not already accessed Swim Central, it is a very simple process please follow the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Swim Central website https://swimcentral.swimming.org.au
  2. Select sign in and then ‘forgot my password’. You will be then asked to enter your email address. Please ensure you use the current and existing email address that would be on file for your child. If you do not know what email address is on file for your child or you need to change your email address please let us know.
  3. You will receive an email from Swim Central with the title ‘Reset Password’. This email will walk you through the steps to reset (create a password) in Swim Central. Please ensure that your password has eight characters with at least one number and one uppercase letter.
  4. You will be redirected to ‘log-in’ for the first time – using your email address and new password.
  5. In this initial log in you will also be asked to create a pin number for your ‘entity’ (which is essentially your family group). This PIN number is important when completing entries and memberships and is a necessary requirement of Swim Central.
  6. If your ‘entity’ does not look right, ie. children or parents missing from your family group or your nominated club (TSS Aquatic) is not showing please let us know.

Once you have accessed Swim Central and are ready to renew your membership:

  1. Navigate to your family page and click on yourself to begin the process. You will need to enter your ‘entity’ pin to proceed.
  2. Select the member you wish to renew
  3. Select the shopping tile and search for TSS Aquatic
  4. Select the type of membership applicable to that swimmer and then press ‘add to trolley’. Each membership type will have a description – please select the type which is applicable to the squad you currently train in (ie. High Performance, Great Whites, Hammerheads, etc.)
  5. If you have more than one swimmer that needs renewing – to the bottom of the screen there is a button that has ‘stop impersonation’. By pressing this button it will redirect you back to the family page and you will be able select another swimmer and their applicable membership product. This will enable you to be able to pay all in one transaction.
  6. Once you have completed all of your transactions you are able to click on the shopping trolley at the top of the screen which will take you through to competing the payment.


Our Fees


Competitive Swimmer 9 Years+ – Group A Squads (Black Tips, Blue Sharks, Crocodiles, Hammerheads, Makos):

  • TSS Aquatic Fee: $178.60
  • Swimming Australia Fee: $28.00
  • Swimming Queensland Fee: $46.00
  • Swimming Gold Coast Fee: $12.40

TOTAL: $265**
** A system fee & transaction fee will apply – these fees will be added to the above total**


Competitive Swimmer 9 Years+ – Group B Squads (Tiger Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, White Tips, Great Whites, High Performance)

  • TSS Aquatic Fee: $198.60
  • Swimming Australia Fee: $28.00
  • Swimming Queensland Fee: $46.00
  • Swimming Gold Coast Fee: $12.40

TOTAL: $285**
** A system fee & transaction fee will apply – these fees will be added to the above total **


Competitive Swimmer 8 years and under:

  • Swimming Australia Fee: $16.00
  • Swimming Queensland Fee: $33.00
  • Swimming Gold Coast Fee: $6.20

TOTAL: $55.20**
** A system fee & transaction fee will apply – these fees will be added to the above total **


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Club Registrar at registrartssaquatic@gmail.com


Our Committee

Our Committee members are always happy to assist if you have any questions, the Club holds an AGM once a year in addition to regular Club Meetings. All our members and potential members are notified by email and/or the Club Calendar and are welcome to attend. Please contact our Club Secretary should you have an interest in joining our Committee.

Mark Mackenzie

…is our Club President. He and his wife Jane have been involved in competitive swimming through their children for many years now. Their daughters Zoe and Taya train with the Tiger Shark Squad.

Tracy Narain

…has a strong competitive swimming background and is our Social Director. Her children Bella and Josh train with the Hammerhead Squad.


Sarah Mitchell

…is our Club Treasurer. Her son Evan trains with the Tiger Shark Squad.


Danielle Saw

…is our Club Registrar and can assist with all membership and meet entry information. Her daughter Ruby trains with the Crocodile Sharks Squad and her son Kael trains with the Mako Shark Squad.


Robyn Moran

…is our Club Secretary and is our main point of contact for all Club enquiries, she will respond and direct accordingly. Her daughter Tess trains with the Tiger Shark Squad and her son Matthew trains with the Crocodile Squad.


Sub Committees –Uniforms (Kerryn McGregor, Robyn Moran) and Social (Jess Reilly, Sarah Mitchell)



Uniforms can be purchased from the TSS School Uniform Shop on the way into the pool complex.

Uniform items include:

  • TSS Hoodie (same as school one)
  • Polo shirt (same as school one – girls and boy’s sizes available)
  • Swim cap
  • TSS shirts, hoodies and caps are required to be worn at all TSS approved Swim Meets.


Swim Meets

Your Coach will advise of the Meets to enter.

Meet information will be sent out by the Club Secretary as soon as it is available. Entry links are via the Swimming Gold Coast website and Swim Central.


Any issue with meet entries should be directed to our Club Registrar Danielle Saw. Registrartssaquatic@gmail.com


Club Calendar



It is a club requirement that every Swimmer competing will provide a timekeeper at the swim meets they enter. Timekeeping is an absolute essential element of our sport and it is a Club expectation that Swimmers/Parents support this process.

Where possible, to minimise the time involved for everyone, we try to keep timekeeping shifts to a one hour duration. The Club is allocated lanes relative to the number of swimmers we send to the Meet. As we usually send a large team of swimmers, we can expect that our Timekeeping requirements will reflect this.

Timekeeping Rosters are distributed by our Committee shortly before each Meet. This is quite often the evening before. The turnaround time is usually very tight, please be mindful of this and plan to be required to timekeep.

Parents, relatives, friends and swimmers where appropriate are all welcome to time-keep.

The role of Time-keeping Manager for each Meet is a shared duty amongst all our TSS families. A different family is selected for each Meet.

If you are unable, for any reason, to fulfil this obligation, you must seek an exemption from our Director of Coaching, Liam du Feu.



The Junior Squads have several Club Nights throughout the season. The Coaches will notify the applicable Squads via email. They can also be found in the Club Calendar.

There are numerous other social events such as Zooper Dooper Saturdays and an End of Season Celebration in May. Member’s will be notified via email and our Club Calendar of upcoming events.


Newsletter Archives




Why join TSS Aquatic Club?

What makes us different to other Clubs?

Hear what our members think….

“I know what I have t do and I’m accountable for it. I have always known I wanted to swim and compete, but working with Chris has meant I understand the bigger picture, what it takes to compete Internationally. Grayson Bell – Australian Dolphins Team 2018, Bronze Medallist 50m Freestyle, 2019 Australian Swimming Championships.

“It’s not just about what happens in the pool, understanding teenagers is a mine field at the best of times. The coaching team are terrific at relating to the swimmers and helping them manage this. The swimmer/parent/coach are all working together – what’s best for the swimmer comes first.” Nicole Kersten, parent.

“At 14 I was growing so fast, every part of my swimming changed. Liam taught me how to understand the affects of this on my body and performance, how to amend my training to work with this so that I continued to develop. I didn’t lose any progress” Scott Goadby – Natonal Age Qualifier

“We’re always grateful and amazed that the Coaches take the time to understand our children and coach them accordingly. Our kids have progressed through several squads and have received unwavering support on their journey even during those challenging patches. Our kids are learning life long lessons of discipline, positivity and great swimming” Robyn Moran – parent.


Contact Details

TSS Aquatics

All enquiries to Janice.Cole@tss.qld.edu.au or (07) 55319919

Postal Address

2 Winchester Street, Gold Coast, QLD 4215


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